E.S.H. Da Vinci

Student Archery for Eindhoven

Event: Ribbon & Perfect Bar Challenge

A competition against yourself (Challenge). You will start easy, on a 122 cm target face on 30 meters, but with every challenge it will get harder. The target faces keep getting smaller and smaller, in the end you are shooting a 10 cm target face... at 30 meters. Till you have collected every Ribbon and Perfect Bar.

The objective of this Challenge is to introduce novice archers to a competition environment and thus improving their shooting technique, to build up their confidence and to increase the fun of archery. The advanced archers can test their technique as the Challenge becomes more and more challenging.

You start for the white Ribbon on a 122 cm target face and for each following Ribbon the target faces are getting smaller.
If you shoot a round of 6 arrows in the yellow (9 and 10), you will receive the Perfect bar.


The competition is shot in 3 sets of 30 arrows. To get a ribbon, you need a minimum score based on your discipline.

Compound: 600 points
Recurve: 600 points
Barebow: 550 points
Traditional Bow: 500 points
Longbow: 450 points

Which ribbon you get is based on target size.

White: 122cm target
Blue: 80cm target Red: 60cm target Yellow: 40cm target Green: 20cm target Orange: 10cm target

For all info, see the competition site.

Registration for Da Vinci archers

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Start Sunday 02-04-2023 08:30
End Sunday 02-04-2023 16:00
Location Schuttersgilde "St.Switbertus", Hendrik Leemreizestraat 2, 7131 ZT Lichtenvoorde, Nederland
Costs €15