E.S.H. Da Vinci

Student Archery for Eindhoven


All archers at Da Vinci are required to have a sportscard at the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven. If you ineligible for a card at the SSC, you are ineligible for Da Vinci membership

Information about the costs of membership (or being a recrationist) at Da Vinci can be obtained at the board. After the 2nd of February, a reduced fee will be charged. All members/recreationists are required to have a sportscard from the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven.

Please note that only (PhD) students are eligible for Da Vinci, as is required by SSC rules. Getting a partner card, alumni card or employee card at the SSC therefore does not grant you access to Da Vinci.

We do accept students from all institutions, for instance, the TU/e, Fontys, Avans, DAE etc.
Please visit the SSC desk to confirm eligibility if you are not sure, before signing up.

New members

If you have no prior experience in archery at another club, we can only accept you after you have completed the Beginners' Course. This is due to us requiring a basic safety level at the range, as bows remain weapons.

If you have prior experience, you can send an email at info@eshdavinci.nl to arrange to join one of our trainings, at which you can see if you fit in, and if you want to join Da Vinci. We'll also check if you're safe to shoot independently, before greenlighting your membership.

More information for new members (and about the Beginners' Course) is available at this special page.

Trying out the sport

In contrast to other SSC sports associations, we do not offer the option to get a basic training at any time. This is unfeasable due to the large number of interested people every year, and does not fit with the special safety requirements of the sport. Therefore, you can join our Beginners' Course, when it is offered.

Please do not visit the range at any time, without sending an email to info@eshdavinci.nl to check if you can join a training.

If you have prior experience, you can join a training, but please let us know first.