E.S.H. Da Vinci

Student Archery for Eindhoven

New members

Please read this page carefully, before sending an email. It contains nearly everything you will need to know.

E.S.H. Da Vinci is the student archery club for the Eindhoven region. At Da Vinci, we have always had archers at every level, from beginners, to participants to the Olympic Games. We strive to offer you the option to do whatever you wish in archery, offering both recreational sport, and serious competition.

If you are new to Da Vinci, we require you to start with our Beginners' Course, if you have no prior experience in archery. You can only join Da Vinci after the board has seen proof that you can shoot safely on your own. This makes sure that archery is a safe sport for everyone.

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Beginners' Course

Our Beginners' Course, consisting of 5 classes, spread over 5 weeks (so every Monday or Wednesday, not both, depending on when the course is offered), offers you the basics of archery. During the 5th class, when you know your basics, you can try different disciplines and types of bows, and you'll get the option to join Da Vinci.

As you want to get the most out of your time as a student, besides studying, our introductory Beginners' Course is very suitable to get to know our great sport, and decide if you want to continue shooting, both recreationally, and for competition. That's all up to you.

During the course, we will introduce you to barebow shooting, continuing into the use of a sight, to shoot at increasing distances. Don't be scared, we'll teach you well!

Requirements for entry into the course

To join our course, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You are a student in Eindhoven, at the TU/e, Fontys, DAE (or another university or institute that's eligible)
  • You have, or you can get, a valid sportscard at the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven. (More information on the Membership page)
  • You are sure that you can participate on all days, in regards to the mandatory deposit (see below).
  • You have closed shoes, and no clothing with wide sleeves. (For safety)
  • You are motivated!


The course itself costs €10,-, and we require a mandatory deposit (meaning: you will get this back, provided you don't break things, and you show up), of €10,- as well. In total, this means you will pay €20,- at the first class. Please bring this in cash.

You will also get your deposit back if you do not become a member, if you decide to become a member/recreationist, the deposit will be subtracted from the membership fees.

You will lose the right to get back your deposit if you miss a class without telling us beforehand, or if you miss two classes without a valid reason. This is to make sure that the limited spots we have for the course (most of the time only 10 per course) are filled optimally with interested people.

You can use our material during the course, with no extra costs.

Experienced Archers

If you already have some experience from another club, or: if you think you can shoot safely on your own, you can join us for a training to see if Da Vinci fits with your preferences. Please send an email to info@eshdavinci.nl to arrange this. You can (and should, to free spots for beginners) skip the Beginners' Course, and you can join at any time.