E.S.H. Da Vinci

Student Archery for Eindhoven


Da Vinci also offers workshops (also called: demo's, or clinics) to external parties. During such a workshop, we'll teach you the basics of archery, with a focus on the fun aspect of archery. We'll not focus too much on the technique, as they are meant as a one-time fun activity.

We offer workshops to both student associations (our focus) and other external parties, but we reserve the right to decline workshops, as we only give a few a year. Giving workshops is not our main goal, but we are very motivated to introduce others (especially students) to the sport!

If you (or rather: your company or association) is interested in a workshop/demo for an activity, please send a message to info@eshdavinci.nl to discuss options and pricing. Student assocations may get a discount.