E.S.H. Da Vinci

Student Archery for Eindhoven

About Archery

Archery is a combination of strength, control, concentration and condition. Some people think that archery is pretty simple: you pull the string, aim, and just let go. The opposite is often true however, pulling the string requires a lot of strength, as a trained archer will often use a bow with a pulling force of about 35 pounds.

While pulling the string however, you are still aiming as well, making sure to stand in the correct position, and making sure you finish your shot with the proper technique. This requires a lot of control over your bow, good concentration skills and lots of training.

If this scares you, don't be scared, we can teach you all of this during the Beginners' Course, or our regular Coached Training.


Archery competitions are often individual, but they can also be in teams. Archery thus is neither an individual, or team sport, as you can shoot alone, but an also always find support in other archers. As a student sports association, we are also aiming to provide the community as well, as an important piece of our training and activities.

There are multiple types of competitions. Depending on the competition, recurve and barebow may be grouped together and the distance may vary from 18 to 90 meters (outside). In a normal match, 30 arrows are shot at 18 meters. There are also 3D games, at which, in a setting comparable to hunting, people shoot at plastic animals. More information about all types of matches can be obtained at the club, as they vary wildly in setup.

Archery Types


A barebow archer shoots with either a classic traditional wooden bow (like the movies), or a recurve bow without a sight or stabiliser. Traditional archers shoot with wooden arrows, while the barebow (with recurve bows) archers mostly shoot with composite arrows. Other types are also used. This is the classic way of archery, trusting in mostly your own ability to aim.


A recurve archer shoots with a recurve bow, including a sight and stabiliser, as well as some other helping materials to ease the shooting process. This type is the most popular one. The name "recurve" comes from the recurved end of the slats.


A compound archer shoots with a compound bow, which includes a built-in pully system, which makes the bow less heavy to hold after the string has been pulled, compared to an equivalent recurve bow. This makes compound bows more accurate. They also look very cool.