E.S.H. Da Vinci

Student Archery for Eindhoven


During the Beginners' Course, you're free to use any materials you wish.

Da Vinci has a lot of archery related material in the storage room. This includes bows for beginners (traditional, recurve and compound), as well as lots of arrows, tabs, sights, slings and stabilisers. Normally you're free to use all of these during (free) training at Da Vinci, however due to the Coronavirus this is currently not possible.

As stated in the "New Training Regulations", in regards to the Coronavirus equipment can be borrowed for the coming trainings if you don't have your own. You can request to do so through this link.

You may also need to pay for the use of our materials at external competitions.
As rules for these vary, please ask the current board about this.